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Listed below are directories and computer services available from Fabric Marketing Research. Note this is not an order form. You can use this list to gather more information, or check the items you are interested in and we will contact you with more information or to complete an order. Also, we can also extensively customize any information you request. Click here to read about the different ways your information can be grouped and sorted for your convenience.

Apparel Directories

Womenswear/Girlswear Apparel Directory for NJ/NY $375.00*
Womenswear/Girlswear Apparel Directory for outside NJ/NY $375.00*
Menswear/Boyswear Apparel Directory for the Entire U.S. $375.00*
Canadian Apparel Manufacturers Directory $250.00  
West Coast Apparel Directory $250.00*
Above directory purchase includes monthly Apparel Info Newsletter for one year.
Info Newsletter Service for one year without directory purchase $250.00  
Decorative/Fabric Related Directories
Converters, Mills and Jobbers Directory for Entire U.S. $375.00  
Home Furnishing Manufacturers Directory for Entire U.S. $250.00  
Jobbers of Decorative Fabrics Directory Doing Over $1,000,000 $250.00  
Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers Directory for Entire U.S. $250.00  
Latest U.S. Fabric Shop Directory for entire U.S. $250.00  

Please Note: All information can be customized to your specific needs. Call 212-686-2345 or complete the form below. Enter your preference in the "Comments" box.

Information Available On Computer Disk:
Within minutes, software program and data can be loaded into any Windows-compatible computer. You instantly will have a full-blown database system that can be used an unlimited number of ways. Program is geared to a non-computer type person, and comes with an easy-to-follow manual. The information on disk costs $150 extra.
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Guaranteed mailing labels are available on the above directories. They can be custom printed to meet your specifications. Buy all or part. Cost is $0.10 per label. Minimum label order is $100 for non-members. No minimum label order for members.

Our guarantee: Use our labels within 30 days of receipt and we will pay you $1.00 for any piece that is returned as not deliverable for any reason whatsoever.

Information Request:
Once you have checked your areas of interest above, please complete this form so we can contact you with more information or to complete your order. You can also read about the ways we can extensively customize any information you order.

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