Links We Recommend
Global provider of apparel Cad services.
A portal site that cross links many sites that would be of interest to anyone using, or buying fabric.
Portal that has links to web sites that cover the fashion and footwear markets around the world.
Has all the RN numbers. Click on Business Guidance Box. Type in RN number you are looking for.
PLEASE E-MAIL US ABOUT OUR APPAREL.COM DIRECTORY. Over 2300 apparel firms have a web presence. We have incorporated their web address into our marketing profile. The first step in getting the power of the web to work for you is to know who the players are. You must first answer the simple question, "Which apparel firms are on the web?".
Find out what the weather was like in any city anywhere in the world. It does not tell you today`s weather but what the average weather was like in prior years on this day.
Aktrin Textile Information Center maintains data banks of textile related reports and marketing studies.
Information and links for apparel industry professionals.
Marketplace of Italian Suppliers of Fabrics, Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Lingerie, Linens, Handbags, leather Goods, and Shoes. Directories, Catalogs, Auctions
E-mail program: Get e-mail addresses that pinpoint clothing and texile firms based on any criteria you set. Contact: for details or call 212 686 2345.

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