Co-Op Mailing Label Program

FMR has a new concept in providing peel and stick mailing labels. Labels are available on 15,000 firms in the apparel, fabric, and other soft goods areas.

Our regular price for our mailing labels is $100 per 1000 and, we have always offered a unique guarantee. Our labels are guaranteed to be 100% deliverable. Any piece that is not deliverable is subject to a $1.00 refund... starting with the first piece.

We are covering such a fast changing market that we looked upon our mailing labels as another way for us to keep on top of our fast changing database.

Over the years an increasing number of our subscribers have installed our marketing data sirectly onto their computer systems. As a result they have the capability of printing their own labels. That's fine. We encourage utilizing our data in that way and have no problem with that.

We would like our mailing labels to continue to be a way for us to keep on top of our markets. To substantially increase the number of firms, and hopefully entice some current computer users, to obtain their mailing labels directly from us we have introduced our co-op program.

By using our co-op program you would save 50% off our regular price. At this price even our computer user customers should consider getting their labels directly from us. Keep in mind, that at any given time, your database can never be as up to date as our database.

Cost justification:
We estimate that our database currently sours at the rate of 1% to 3% a month.

It would cost you a minimum of $30 to print 2000 labels. Assuming your data is 5 months old and we assume a conservative 2% obsolecense a month that works out to 10% returned as non deliverable. 200 returned pieces x 32 cents postage is $64. Not including envelope, promotional printing, and labor costs. Your real cost is $94 to print 2000 labels on your own. Under our new co-op program your cost would be only $6 more.

To encourage using our labels we are offering the following co-op mailing program.

Instead of paying our regular price of $100 per 1000 our price is cut to $50 per 1000. You can buy all, or any part, of our database. We create the mailing labels based on whatever parameters you set. There are no minimums.

To participate in this program you must agree to the following:

  1. Forgo the guarantee
  2. You must agree to use the labels in a timely manner.
    [ideally the labels should be in your hands no sooner than 2 weeks before you are going to use them.]
  3. Agree to return any undeliverable pieces to us in a timely fashion.
  4. You agree to mail first class, or if by any other means, have non delieverables returned to you.
We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime, and we do not have to make it available to every company.

If you have an interest in particpating in this co-op program, or have any questions, please call, fax, or E-mail.


David Mass

P.S. You always reserve the right to buy our labels at the regular price of 10 cents a label. In that case the $1.00 guarantee would be in effect.

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