Customization Features

All data can come presorted in any of the following categories:

Sportswear Firms That Buy Top Weight Fabrics
Blouses, Fashion t-shirts, shirts, etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Menswear/Boyswear; Combined.
Sportswear Firms That Buy Bottom Weight Fabrics
Pants, Skirts, Jeans, Walking Shorts, Etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Menswear/Boyswear; Combined
Swimwear, Bodywear, Beachwear, Aerobicwear, Skiwear, Tenniswear, Golfwear, Sweats, Surfwear, Team Sports, etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Menswear/Boyswear; Combined.
Intimate Apparel
Lingerie, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Robes, Panties, Slips, Bras, Girdles, Housecoats, Dusters, etc.
Menswear/Girlswear; Mens/Boys Underwear
Tailored Apparel
Sport Jackets, Suits, Coats, Raincoats, Etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Menswear/Boyswear; Combined
Bridal, Mother of the Bride, After 5, Social Occasion Dresses, etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Mens Tuxedos, etc.
Apparel Items That Use Yarn (not cut and sew) Generally Sweaters, Suits, Etc.
Womenswear/Girlswear; Menswear/Boyswear; Combined
Gloves, Scarves, Hats, Caps, Etc.
Womenwear/Girlswear; Mens/Boys Ties, Hats Etc.
Uniforms/Career Apparel
Covers Total Market, Workwear, Nurse Uniforms, Career Apparel, Etc.
All Childrenswear/Infantswear Etc.
Girlswear; Boyswear
Sock and Hosiery Firms

All this data can be sorted by other variables:

All States; Region(s); Specific State(s)
Price Category
All Price Categories; Popular Price; Medium Price; Better Price
Sales Volume
All Regardles of Sales Volume; Only Firms Doing Under $5M; Firms Doing Between $5M - $10M; Firms Doing Under $10M; Only Firms Doing Over $10M; Only Firms Doing Over $25M; Only Firms Doing Over $50M

In addition to the above, we can slice, dice and customize information into any combination possible. On the price list/order form page, please indicate how you would like the data sorted or grouped in the "Comments" field.

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